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Insurance Company

Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Ltd

Sum Insured Per Family

Rs. 3,00,000/-

Family Floater

(Self, Spouse & 2 dependent Children)

Key Benefits

Waiver of 30 days waiting period

Waiver of 1st year exclusions

Waiver of two year exclusions

Maternity Benefits

Waiver of waiting period for maternity

Pre Existing Diseases covered

Terms and Conditions

  • Cash less available only for Treatment in network hospitals, For treatment in other hospitals, only reimbursement of claims. At the time of policy issue, a brief note on the claim process will be circulated to all members.

  • The Policy covers only hospitalization ( 24 hours admission and treatment ) in a hospital excluding the approved day care procedures.

  • 101 Day Care Procedure is enclosed as per attached sheet

  • Maternity benefits, applicable only for the Dependent Spouse, subject to a limit of Rs.25,000/- for normal and Rs.50,000/- for caesarean delivery

  • The Cover for Children is only for dependent children. In the case of female children, the cover will cease once they become earning member or on getting married. In the case of dependent Male Children, the cover will cease once they become earning member or attain the age of 21, whichever is earlier.

  • Room Rent, Boarding and Nursing Expenses

    • (a) - 2% of Sum Insured subject to a Maximum of Rs. 6000/-

    • (b) – In case of ICU actuals subject to a maximum of Rs.12000/- per day

  • If the Insured occupies a room with a room rent limit other than his eligibility as per the insurance policy, then all the other charges viz. Doctor’s fees, Diagnostic charges, Nursing charges, Surgeon, Anesthetist , consultant and Specialist fees, Blood , oxygen , OT charges , Surgical Appliances, Medicines and Drugs, Diagnostic Materials , X ray etc., shall be limited to the charges applicable for the eligible room rent or actuals, whichever is lower.

  • Ambulance Charges Restricted to Rs.1,000/- Per Case

  • Pre Hospitalization - 30 Days and Post Hospitalization - 60 Days

  • All the benefits mentioned above like day one cover, waiver of pre existing illness exclusion, removal of first and second year exclusions etc are available only to the members who join at the inception of the policy or such other special period as is approved. For inclusions thereafter, there would be a 6 months waiting period for the following benefits:

  • Pre Existing Diseases covered

  • Waiver of 30 days waiting period

  • Waiver of 1st year exclusions and two year exclusions

  • Maternity benefits & Waiver of waiting period for maternity

  • The insurance company will issue non photo cards in respect of all the covered persons

  • Claims will be settled by in-house claims team of the Insurance Company


Age Band

Gross Premium

















The above premium given is to be calculated as per age of the primary policy holder as on 1st March 2015. The premium given includes service tax as applicable.

The key advantages of this scheme are as follows:

  • Day 1 coverage for all pre-existing diseases No medical test

  • Coverage upto 85 years of age of primary policy holder

The payments to this scheme are to be received by RGLSI before 31st March 2016, in order to issue the policies from 1st March 2016, subject to response from brethren. All payments shall be favouring STAR HEALTH AND ALLIED INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED, payable at Chennai, and to be sent to RGLSI office at 14, Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai 600006. The covering letter to include names of persons, date of birth, address.

The key benefit (Day 1 coverage for pre-existing diseases) of the scheme is extended to all those who enroll during this period. Any mid term inclusion would have to wait for the next policy period with regard to pre existing illness waiver and other first and second year exclusions and maternity benefits.

This being a group insurance scheme, members enrolling for this scheme, will not be eligible for any Income Tax benefits under Section 80D in their tax assessments.

The existing policy holders will also migrate to this scheme at the time when the old policy is getting over, once they pay the premium as per the schedule given above.

For any clarification, please contact

Bro.Bojarajan : 98845 10101

Bro.M. Venkateshwaran : 98415 67379

email: rglsihealthinsurance@gmail.com


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