The Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India Charitable Trust was established through a Deed of approved and recommended by the Regional Board of General Purposes of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India (RGL SI) at its meeting held on Sunday, 22nd July, 1979.

The Deed of Trust was declared in the city of Madras on the 13th day of August, 1979 by Right Worshipful Brother A S Rajasabai, the Regional Grand Master of the RGL SI and designated the Founder of the Trust. The founding Trustees included Bro. A S Rajasabai, Bro. K V Srinivasan, Bro. T K Doraiswamy, Bro. G K Devarajulu, Bro. K S Menon, Bro. E P B Manian, Bro. N R Doraiswami, Bro. R Parthasarathy and Bro. T K Shanmuganandam.

The Objects of the Trust are several noble causes; inter alia, the principal ones include:

a. Support the cause of education

b. Provide medical assistance

c. Assist with accommodation of working men and women, students and staff

d. Assist orphanages, sanatoria, sports and welfare institutions

e. Support other individuals and institutions espousing similar objects

f. Institute and award scholarships and loans

g. Sponsor and support community betterment projects

h. Promote civic consciousness

i. Accept donations, grants etc., to meet its objects

j. Carry out such activities that are conducive to its general objects.

The Trust is governed by a team of Trustees who are appointed as enunciated in its Bye-Laws. The Bye-Laws further provide the operational guidance, norms and procedures.

The annual statement of all financial activities of the Trust are duly reported and filed with the Indian Income Tax Department.

The Trust has been duly registered under the Trust Act, with Registration No. 271/79

The Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the trust with the Indian Income Tax Department is: AAATR4478B

All contributions to the Charitable Trust qualify for exemptions under Sec 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act



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